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Hi I’m Rashed, Software Engineer & Web developer. I Created Many Blogs and e-commerce site but only for me. I tried many things in web developing for success. Before Try Web developing i start my YouTube channel in 2012. I uploaded 262 Videos in YouTube I had 50 Thousand Subscriber in YouTube. But my luck YouTube terminated my channel without any reason .

Then I start trying blogging and create new site etc. Finally I created AFLY INDIA This also as a test Product but its get success

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

Job History

I work for myself not for any company & or person

YouTube Creator


I Created My YouTube Channel in 2012 and I Work 3 years and I uploaded 262 Videos in My Channel In 2015 November My Channel Got Terminated



In 2015 I started Web development and Blogging I Created many type of blog e-commerce site and many others.



In 2018 Finally I created afly.in I am not sure that this product can change my life but yeah its worked.Finally i got success

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